Romantic Things to Do in Sydney – Valentine’s Day 2019 & More

Love is in the air — and the views from one of the world’s most stunning cities will definitely have you in the mood to spend time with your special someone! As the leading global city in Australia and the gateway to Asia, Sydney has gained worldwide renown as a destination location. From the graceful and impressive Sydney Opera House that sparkles on the bay to the natural wonder of a beautiful landscape at Bondi Bay, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Sydney during the month dedicated to lovers and beyond.

The Sydney Opera House Tour

Tour the Sydney Opera House

It’s impossible to consider a trip to Sydney without experiencing a behind-the-scenes tour of the iconic Sydney Opera House. You’ll appreciate the view of the soaring arches of the magnificent architecture while learning more about the history of the ultimate event location for ballet, opera and concerts. This 60-minute walking tour is a fun and informative way to see some of the history that spans the decades — and perhaps even get to see a live rehearsal in progress! There will be plenty of photo opportunities for Instagram-ready selfies at one of the most memorable sites in the world.

Getting in: The Sydney Opera House Tour tickets are an included attraction option on The Sydney Explorer Pass.

Self-Guided Tour of the Urban Winery

Strolling the streets of Sydney and checking our the Urban Winery: it doesn’t get much better than that! The sights and smells of a true Sydney tradition are culminated in the warm and fruity notes of some of the country’s best vino. As a part of this self-guided tasting, each guest has an opportunity to relax in the surroundings of the rustic winery. A self-guided tasting books walks you through how to evaluate the structure, aroma and palate-feel of each wine, giving you a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into each offering. Take your favorite wine home at the end of the day!

Getting in: Self-Guided Tour of the Urban Winery tickets are an included attraction option on The Sydney Explorer Pass.

Discover Bondi Beach on a Walking Tour

The coastal bay area of Bondi is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, for good reason. Holding hands and enjoying a stroll down the beach — it’s hard to think of a more romantic way to spend your day in Sydney than basking in the sunshine and splashing through the clear, blue water. You’ll see crashing waves, Aboriginal rock carvings, beautiful beach views and even some fun marine life. Your guide knows the area well and will fill you in on some of the historical events in the area. When you’re finished, there are plenty of fun activities to be had in the area such as dining, dancing and plenty of the fun nightlife that Sydney is known for.

Getting in: Discover Bondi Beach Walking Tour tickets are an included attraction option on The Sydney Explorer Pass.

The Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck

The view from the observation deck of the Sydney Tower is nothing less than staggering, providing access to views that you will never forget. At 269 meters tall, you’ll have an unparalleled line of sight to the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the interesting buildings that can be found in the business district. When you are ready for a change, drift down to the 4D Cinema Experience and get up-close and personal with famous locations throughout Sydney. Gaze romantically into each other’s eyes while you’re focused on the future from the top of this spectacular exhibit of power and exceptional craftsmanship.

Getting in: Sydney Tower Eye and 4D Cinema Experience tickets are an included attraction option on The Sydney Explorer Pass.

Magistic Cruising Cafe Mezze

Sparkling Wine for Two on the Cafe Mezze and Champagne Cruise by Magistic

There’s nothing more romantic than a champagne cruise, and the Magistic Two provides Australian-built luxury that comes complete with a view of the stunning city. While you’re cruising through Sydney Harbour on your luxury excursion, you’ll enjoy a light lunch and an opportunity to stroll around the catamaran’s large, open-air decks while passing landmarks such as the Eastern and Northern suburbs of Sydney, the Sydney Opera House and more. You can even bring along children who will also enjoy the opportunity to view the city from this new horizon onboard the luxurious cruiser.

Getting in: Magistic Cruising Cafe Mezze & Champagne tickets are an included attraction option on The Sydney Explorer Pass.

4-Hour Bike Rental by Bonza Bike Tours

Riding a bike around Sydney is like no other exercise — and Bonza Bike Tours has the four-hour ride of your dreams. Not only will you enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery, but you’ll also be able to explore Sydney at your own pace. There are no set starting points or routes along a tour, just you and your loved one with four hours together to create a tour of this city that you’ll never forget. Some of the highlights are viewing the Central Business District, Bondi Beach, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. You’ll also receive a map of the city with highlights marked for your convenience as you zip around the Opera House and throughout the city by the bay.

Getting in: 4-Hour Bike Rental tickets are an included attraction option on The Sydney Explorer Pass.

Sydney Thrill Ride / Jet Boat

Make new friends and enjoy time together on the wildly exciting Sydney Thrill Ride / Jet Boat tour! You’re certain to enjoy being thrown together (literally!) as you whiz around the bay at speeds of up to 45 knots. This fast-moving boat is able to execute some fancy moves, such as wave riding, power brake stops and even 270-degree spins. Keep your valuables safe, sound and dry in one of the provided lockers or throw caution to the wind and get ready to get wet. See plenty of local historical landmarks while listening to the entertaining narration of the thrill boat captain. Sun, spray and a beautiful day — the Sydney Jet Boat thrill ride gives you the experience of a lifetime without even leaving the bay area.

Getting in: Sydney Jet Thrill Ride tickets are an included attraction option on The Sydney Explorer Pass.

Kings Cross Crime & Passion Walking Tour

Was it an accident, or was it a crime of passion? Learn the details of some of the most notorious crimes ever perpetrated in the area. No, Sydney is definitely not a crime capital — in fact, it’s one of the safest cities in the world today. This wasn’t always the case, however. Explore the famous Kings Cross district on the Crime & Passion Walking Tour and learn about the individuals who helped shape history in the region with a wild mix of murder, drugs and mystery. Be sure you’re wearing your walking shoes, as you’ll have quite a hike through the city and the tour goes on rain or shine. Celebrate the culture that continues to grow in the region with a quick beer at the local Kings Cross Bar, where your first drink is included as part of the spectacle. The good times are never-ending as your tour guide will continue to regale you with stories of times long past: when passion and mystery (and crime!) went hand-in-hand in one of the cities that never sleeps.

Getting in: Kings Cross Crime & Passion Walking Tour tickets are an included attraction option on The Sydney Explorer Pass.

Quick Recap

Whether you’re up for winery tour, ready to hit the road on your bike and more interested in a leisurely and romantic cruise through Sydney Harbour, you’re sure to find something that whets your fancy for love in the beautiful city of Sydney.

Don’t forget – admission to many of these great rainy day attractions is included with the The Sydney Pass.

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