Common Australian Slang for American Tourists Traveling to Sydney

Australian English vs American English is different in more ways than just dialect or accent – there are a fair amount of common words and phrases that don’t directly translate from one to the other – even the term ‘slang’ is different in Australia (they say ‘strine‘).

So unless you want to show up to Bondi Beach wearing a thong bikini because your ‘mates’ told you to wear one only to find out that ‘thongs’ are flip flops, it might be a good idea to review this list.

We’ve included some common Australian slang for American tourists traveling to Australia – see how many you would have guessed without any help!

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Australian Slang for American Tourists to Know Before Your Trip:

Common Australian Slang for American Tourists Traveling to Sydney

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Australian Slang for British Tourists to Know Before Your Trip:

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There you have it – some of the most common Australian slang for Americans, perfect for tourists planning a trip to Sydney, Australia. From cruises to tours and beyond, there’s something to appeal to every traveling style. We hope that some of these ideas help inspire your own planning!

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